Cadastral Index

Cadastral Index is the name of the application that has been designed to make it easy to find and view the survey plan.

Each of the 1.38 million images have been grouped by district and indexed by plan type and number (DP, SO etc).

Support and Registration

Support of the system, and Registration is handled by M Tech Limited onbehalf of the Institute.

For questions and comments, please email


Click Here for the latest version. (Version 20.12.1, 3.29Mb,).

Version 19 and above are major updates to the the original version from 2003. Version 19 and above requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6 which is included in Windows 10 and can be downloaded for other versions of Windows. The installation process should alert you if the Framework is not already installed on your computer.

Version 19 and above can be installed alongside the original version and both can be run independently. The old version can be uninstalled when required, without upsetting the new version.